Upcoming Important Dates and Times


Saturday, June 2, 2018 – Workshop for all Choristers

Time: Senior Chorus – 9:00am – 12:00pm, Junior Chorus – 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Location: Miles Mac Band Room

We are very fortunate that we can hold this additional workshop this year, as we received a grant from the Foundation for Choral Music in Manitoba, specifically for this workshop. Clinician is Joseph Sevillo and the focus of the workshop will be stage performance, body language, vocal techniques for live stage singing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 – Wind-up Party for the 2017/2018 Choir Year

Time: 6:45 pm – 9:00pm
Location: Rossmere Bowling Lanes (1042 Henderson Highway)

Food and Beverage will be available for purchase at the canteen. 

Family members are encouraged to join us.  Cost per individual is $5 for the evening, $10 for families.  Chorister’s bowling fees will be covered.

Saturday, June 9, 2018 – Auditions for New Members

If you know of anyone new that may be interested in auditioning for WYC or WYCJ next year, please send them to our website for more information about our Auditions.  (http://www.winnipegyouthchorus.com/audition-for-the-wyc/)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 – Seussical Rehearsal

This rehearsal is for anyone that is interested in a role outside of the chorus.  Roles will be identified at the Wednesday May 16th rehearsal, so that singers know whether or not they should come to this rehearsal. 

Time: 6:45pm – 8:45pm
Location: Miles Mac Collegiate

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 – Seussical Lead Role Auditions

Choristers that attended the May 23, and June 13 rehearsals, that are interested in auditioning for a lead role in the musical can come and audition on this date.  Sign up will be required for auditions, and will be available closer to the Audition date. 

Thursday June 21, 2018 — WYC Hosting the Minnesota Boys Choir

We had so much fun meeting up with the Pensacola Choir on our July 2017 tour.  When we were offered the opportunity to host another group, we jumped at the opportunity!

This will be an evening event, more details will follow as we get closer to the date.

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Contact Information

is the contact list for ALL members:  Contact List 2017-2018


WYC Board and Executive Members:

Chief Executive Officer – Lisa Rempel winnipegyouthchorus@gmail.com

Chief Operating Officer – Malissa Rowan coowyc@gmail.com

Board Members – Ed Hammond, Andrea Hammond, Charlene Mainz, Joyce Suderman, Andrew Erickson, Clark Myers, Garth Rempel, Lisa Rempel, Lou van Rysselt


WYC Parent Executive Members:

Chair – Malissa Rowan coowyc@gmail.com

Secretary – Laura Hertzog

Volunteer Coordinator – Shannon Surgeoner  wycvolcoor@gmail.com

Camp Coordinator – Lou van Rysselt  wyccamp@gmail.com

Fundraising Coordinator – Malissa Rowan wycfund@gmail.com

Food and Beverage Coordinator – Pat van Rysselt  vanrysselt@shaw.ca

Uniform Coordinator – Rebecca Thiessen

Special Events Coordinator – Kiran Bhullar

Publicity Coordinator – Wendy Myers pr@winnipegyouthchorus.com

Social Media Coordinator – Chelsea Hertzog  chelsea.hertzog@gmail.com

Website Design – Mike DeFehr mdefehr@defehr.com

Members at Large – Sharon Lutzer, Monika Cloutier


WYC Artistic Team:

Artistic Directors – Garth and Lisa Rempel  winnipegyouthchorus@gmail.com

Junior Chorus Director – Jorrel Camuyong  winnipegyouthchorusjunior@gmail.com

Junior Chorus Assistant – Melanie Spulnick  winnipegyouthchorusjunior@gmail.com

Junior Chorus Accompanist – Charmaine Bacon

Senior Chorus & Enharmony Directors – Garth and Lisa Rempel  winnipegyouthchorus@gmail.com

Senior Chorus & Enharmony Accompanist – Katie Erickson

Basic Concert Information

Please read this email all of the way through to the end, as there are a lot of important details for concert etiquette and attire.

Please be sure your chorister is dressed in their black uniform shirt, solid black pants, flat black shoes (boots and/or high heel shoes are not allowed), and black socks.  It would also be helpful to ensure your chorister has a sweater to wear at any meal times so that they do not spill on their uniform.  Choristers should have their hair neatly brushed with minimal hair accessories.  Should your chorister choose to wear a hair accessory, it needs to be solid black, red or gold in color. 

If you do not have a uniform shirt or your uniform shirt is too small, please contact us so that we can resolve the issue before the concert.

Arrival times for choristers will vary, please be sure your chorister has eaten before arriving.  Please watch for a detailed email with your chorister’s arrival time closer to the concert date

Please be sure to sign your chorister in upon arrival, and again upon departure.  Those who are 16+ do not require a parent / guardian to sign them in or out but should instead speak to the chaperone to do a self sign-in / sign-out.  There will be people there to direct you to where each choir will be meeting before and after the concert. 

If we are performing two concerts, choristers will receive a meal between the two concerts.  If you or your chorister feel they will need a snack between their drop off time and the meal, please be sure to pack a nut free snack.  All choristers should bring a well marked re-usable water bottle for use throughout the day. 

Each concert is rush seating, with doors opening a half hour beforehand.  Tickets are always sold in advance either in person at rehearsals or online with a credit card.